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Welcome to the Lubbock Project!

Lubbock is meant to be for CD-ROM drives what Tom's Root Boot (and other floppy-based distributions) are for floppy drives:

A means of booting a useful, self-contained and portable Linux system from removeable media.

Of course, those who contribute to the project get to define what "useful" means! ;-) but extensions might include:

  • Support for architectures other than x86.
  • Configurability for different uses (security, demonstration, rescue, everyday use).
  • Configurability for different form-factors (mini CD, full size CD).
  • Internationalization.

Lubbock builds on LinuxCare's popular Bootable Business Card.

LNX-BBC is a more recent fork from the Linuxcare effort, one *much* more active that the Lubbock project.

Some Sourceforge Resources for the Lubbock Project:

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